• Subsea Cable and its Regional Benefits

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    June 13, 2019
    The International Submarine Cable build is underway, but what does this really mean to business on the Sunshine Coast?

    As the Sunshine Coast plugs into the International Broadband Network through the undersea fibre cable landing in Maroochydore the region is pronouncing its proactivity and readiness for the jobs, education and infrastructure of the future to the rest of the world. 

    At the Digitalisation > Big Data > Fast Access seminar held by the Sunshine Coast Business Council we were able to learn about the true impacts of the incoming undersea cable and the way in which this investment truly signifies our willingness to enter into industry 4.0 as a region. 

    With the increasing ubiquity of smart devices, all connected through the Internet of Things (IOT), next generational robotics and manufacturing as well as the rapid digitalisation of industries across the board - the importance of the Sunshine Coast’s connection to state of the art digital infrastructure is critical. 

    Data and connectivity are key enablers of innovation and business today and will only become more instrumental in the coming years, which is why investments into digital infrastructure such as the cable and data centre are so crucial. 

    This cable, the infrastructure and business community which is being built around it will allow businesses which require enormous bandwidth, such as those in the video game production industry, to establish themselves right here on the Sunshine Coast.

    It will mean that the Sunshine Coast will have the fastest telecommunications connection to Asia and the second fastest to the United States in Australia and positions the Coast as a serious contender for further investment from businesses ready to leverage this capability.      
    However, while the cable is a key ingredient of a digitally enabled Sunshine Coast it is clear that it will not be able to answer all of our needs by itself.    

    In order to attract high value, technology-based businesses to the Coast all industries in the region must play a role in showcasing a high standard to the rest of the world. 

    Regionally, we have to show that the Sunshine Coast is not just an incredibly abundant, healthy and beautiful region to live but a thriving entrepreneurial hub and a great place to do business.

    With 98% of international submarine cable landings failing to get off the ground, it is important that all of us on the Sunshine Coast appreciate the forward-thinking from the Sunshine Coast Council for driving this project to our region. 
    Mitch Bland, Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator
    5492 5977