• Think Differently with Disney's Duncan Wardle

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    October 09, 2018
    Learn how to get out of your own way and think diferently with Duncan Wardle 

    Disney has long been at the forefront of creativity and the exploration of bold new ideas - cementing its market worth of over $150 billion dollars.

    Forged by the genius of Walt Disney himself, this company has secured a culture of innovation and creativity which continues to produce internationally consumed content.

    And to think, as Walt Disney famously said, “that it all started with a mouse.”

    We are extremely lucky to be given exposure to inspiring speakers at various events across the Sunshine Coast and this month the former Vice President of Innovation and Creative at Walt Disney, Duncan Wardle, will be speaking at the Caloundra Events Centre.

    Only in the country for two weeks, Duncan will be sharing his creative talents and unconventional methods to bring out the hidden breakthrough ideas and extraordinary results you are capable of and we are the only region he will be visiting.  

    With people’s increasingly insatiable hunger for new and creative content, industries built around content creation reveal the space in which creativity and real business cross over.  

    And with developments such as SunCentral, the International Submarine Cable and the massive array of creatives and entrepreneurs residing on the Sunshine Coast, there is an enormous opportunity available to Coast businesses to capitalise on. 

    As such, it is incredible to have someone of this internationally recognisable calibre, with so much to learn from, made available to Coast businesses.

    The Sunshine Coast can become the home of great ideas known for creating the quality creative content which is so inherently sought after today.

    We must all learn to get out of our own way and develop the ability to think creatively.

    Book here: bit.ly/BBBduncanwardle
    Mitch Bland , Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator
    5492 5977