• Bolstering your Business Arsenal this Summer

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    October 05, 2018
    Bolstering your Business Arsenal this Summer
    A few words from Michael Shadforth 

    Whether you are strapped for time and resources working every role within your business or are comfortable with your product from years of steady growth and regular customers, the prospect of added risk is daunting.

    However, within this accelerated business climate that we all reside the risks associated with stagnation far outweigh that of innovation.

    And while the word ‘innovation’ itself may today be an overused business buzz word, the concept is resoundingly forthright. 

    Your competition is knocking at your door from every corner of the globe, so you must be continually building on your products, services and customer experiences each year if only to satiate your existing customer base.

    I can assure you, that even if you are without the appetite for risk and change, your worldly and intuitive customers now expect it. 

    As such, it is vital that you are adding something new to your business every year so that you continue to add value to your customer’s experiences. 

    Woodford Folk Festival is a prime example of how an aging business model can maintain its relevance each year through the progression of its offering.

    While tickets are not cheap, it is not difficult to part with your cash when you know you will not only be treated to the same high-quality acts and entertainment as the previous year but will be left with brand new memories and experiences. 

    Although you may be in competition with tech wonderkids from Silicon Valley who are disrupting your business model from a college dorm, the global nature of business also endows you with the ability to stay abreast the global players and ahead of your more direct competition.

    This is the best time to be researching global trends and best practices and be collaborating and building on your own points of difference to make each year better than the last – retaining old customers and enticing new ones.   
    Mitch Bland , Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator
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