• Transport Innovation Needed on the Sunshine Coast

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    December 17, 2018

    A recent Sunshine Coast Daily commissioned poll regarding the top priorities of Coast residents, alongside the recent City Pulse SEQ report which measures the comparative ‘livework and play’ elements, have produced some interesting results for our region.  

    The City Pulse survey derived that poor regional connectivity, due to less effective transport infrastructure is a major constraint to the overall liveability of the Sunshine Coast.  

    This was reinforced by the Sunshine Coast Daily’s poll which found that amongst six potentially major infrastructure projects the earmarked light rail network was found to be a key priority with 40.3% of the vote.

    With the latest data also signalling that the Sunshine Coast’s public transport usage has been in decline for the past five years despite a rapid increase in our population this is clearly an area in need of improvement.  

    While public sentiment appears to be outwardly in favour of the Light Rail Project, we need an interim solution now to improve accessibility to transport and promote intra-regional connections.

    With such a distinct reduction in the usage, it is evident that there needs to be some accountability around public transport to produce alternative transport solutions.

    In Brisbane we have recently seen the rise of Lime Scooters which intend to solve the ‘last mile’ transport problem and promote further use of public transport.

    Since being rolled out just two weeks ago they have been utilised for over 50,000 trips across Brisbane being used by over 20,000 people.

    Some businesses on the Sunshine Coast have taken matters into their own hands such as Helimods who have recently incorporated a fleet of electric bikes which are available to employees for both work and personal use.
    Mitch, Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator