• Data Dexterity Key to Business Success

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    August 07, 2019
    While many of us in business are now quite familiar with the term ‘digital disruption’, it takes hearing from the likes of former Facebook CEO and the international authority on digital transformation, Stephen Scheeler to truly understand its implications.   

    Speaking at the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce Better Business Breakfast last Friday, Stephen shared inside stories with the crowd of over 400 people from his time leading one of the world’s most disruptive companies.

    One of the key messages of his visionary presentation was the fact that the business environment has changed drastically in the past five years, and will continue to, and it is critical to stay ahead of this impending digital invasion.  

    “Data is the new weapon that you need for the battle of the future,” Stephen warned the audience.
    Data, digital tools, apps, automation and even AI are no longer futuristic playthings, reserved for big multinational companies such as Facebook and Google.    

    These tools are readily available and have levelled the playing field internationally, allowing creativity, agility and adaptability to become as critically important to a business’s success than ever before. 
    For example, Stephen believes that most companies currently utilise just five to ten percent of the data that their business generates. 

    However, most of the future value our businesses can provide to our customers will likely come from this missing data that we are not even thinking about collecting today. 

    As such, it is critically important that all of us in business become data dexterous and realise that it is within our reach to learn from and mirror the digital trends and methods of international business giants.