• Caloundra Chamber of Commerce Budget Response

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    June 14, 2018
    Sentiments of growth and investment have been cemented into the Sunshine Coast’s psyche over the past few years through unprecedented levels of progress and development.

     CALOUNDRA, in particular, has been at the forefront of this growth with the welcomed construction of the new and vibrant Aura Community, which is set to provide homes for an additional 50,000 Caloundra residents.

     While the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce supports the funding commitments laid out in the Queensland State Budget for the improvement of the Bruce Highway, Caloundra Health Service and rail duplication project, we are disappointed that Caloundra’s gridlock has been bypassed yet again.

     While this latest funding allocation bolsters the capacity of our major highway networks in preparation for the significant growth of our region, this will simply cause additional gridlock as traffic bottlenecks further down Caloundra Road.

     Although the figures and statistics being promoted by the State Government appear to herald a major infrastructure win for the Sunshine Coast, the latest funding announcements are essentially overdue payments for existing essential services.

     As the growth and development of Caloundra, and the Sunshine Coast more broadly, continues to be highlighted as an infrastructure success story, it is time that the core needs and services of our region are prioritised so that the road network can cope with the booming population growth.

     The Caloundra Chamber of Commerce is not only beholden to our over 500 strong member base but are here to advocate for improved conditions conducive to a more vibrant and productive business environment on behalf of the entire community.

     With our ambition clear, to make our region the most dynamic, welcoming and connected business hub in regional Queensland, we will be taking a strong stance on the key issues that impact our community in the coming months.

    These issues pertain to the increased safety and security of our community, the construction and improvement of essential infrastructure, such as Caloundra Road, and the urgent need to attract large and innovative employers to Caloundra as the vacating Sunshine Coast Council offices leave a void.

     Watch this space as the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce drive issues that matter in our region.  
    Mitchell Bland , Digital Marketing and Communications Co-Ordinator
    5492 5977