• A Town in Transition

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    September 20, 2019
    In this article, I’d like to shine a light on Caloundra and make mention of the incredible transition we are currently going through in our town and how we, the Caloundra Chamber, are contributing to this.  

    Just a few years away in 2026, our little seaside town of Caloundra will be home to the largest population on the Sunshine Coast. 

    On this note, I am proud to say that the Caloundra Chamber, comprising of our committee members, operations team and over 500 member businesses are really doing their best to help shape a great future for the town. 

    We as a collective are incredibly passionate about the entrepreneurship of this town, the people who live here, the talent we are attracting and also in being a part of the conversation which shapes Caloundra’s future.  

    Today, this region is in one of the most exciting phases that a town could possibly be going through, as we have a community that is really engaged in finding ways to prosper and grow without damaging our environment. 

    This community cares about the environment, and they want our business leadership to care, but in a way which does not halt development. 

    Where once not too long ago we in Caloundra felt the need to put our hands out for help, we are now saying ‘if you’re not getting into this region now, you’re going to miss out’. 

    This is because this is the sort of community that the world wants to live in, wants to grow in, and they want to do business from, and we have really started our journey towards prospering under those terms. 

    It truly makes me proud of the community we have created, to know that the extended Chamber community are actively involved in this process. 

    Mitchell Bland