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The Chamber writes a fortnightly column that is published in the Caloundra Weekly newspaper.

You can read the content of previous columns by clicking on the links below. 




15.10.15 Town Basks in national limelight

17.09.15 Milliseconds matter online

03.9.15 - Coast strongest for business expenditure

27.08.2015 Preparing business for aging population

06.08.15 Budget aimed at jobs in the area

09.07.15 Designers showered with work requests

25.06.15 Urban renewal on this agenda

11.06.15 Fly Local offers benefits for all 

28.05.15 Tax break a real win for business

14.05.15 Don't miss on tax incentives

30.04.15 New look for our tourism push

16.04.15 Nature a top selling point

19.03.15 Innovations to drive up profit

05.03.15 Bring maturity to your brand

19.02.15 Here's how to stay connected

22.01.15 Nominate for CBD Taskforce

24.12.14 Summer perfect time to chill out

11.12.14 Caloundra on the up and up

27.11.14 Businesses can make it happen

13.11.14 Understand the tender process

30.10.14 Its recognition in November

16.10.14 Register for Town Proud

02.10.14 Business buoys Caloundra

18.09.14 Business back after big blaze

28.08.14 Gain insights into global megatrends

14.08.14 Mudder offers opportunity

31.07.14 Celebrate local business success story
17.07.14 Nominate for Business Gong

03.07.14 Chamber provides a strong voice

19.06.14 Coast statistics at your fingertips

05.06.14 Wisdom and Experience

22.05.14 Seek positives in new budget

08.05.14 Health tips for your business

24.04.14 Anzacs fought for our way of life

10.04.14 Markets make a better Friday

27.03.14 Nothing like face-to-face

13.03.14 Chamber to help nurture

27.02.14 Play active part in revitalisation

13.02.14 Good things are on the cards

30.01.14 Acknowledge excellence

16.01.14 Mobile ready for new year

02.01.14 Bulcock Street first on list 

18.12.13 Chamber looks to a bright future

5.12.13 So many ways to celebrate the season

21.11.13 Learn from the best

7.11.13 Generosity of local businesses

24.10.13 Learn keys to success

10.10.13 Group brings good buiness to town

19.09.13 Chamber makes presence felt

26.09.13 Locals can support tourism operators

29.08.13 Tough Mudder is a winner for our area

15.08.13 Projects inspire positive outlook

1.08.13 Let's fight back

18.07.13 Big attention to small business

4.07.13 Coast benefits from museums new piece

20.06.13 Shop, surf with community WiFi

06.06.13 Have your say on Council's Strategy 

09.05.13 Now is the time to shape our future

23.05.13 Lets lead by example

11.04.13 Lets put foot down on highway upgrade

14.03.13 Banners fly to show off our area

28.03.13 Focus on tourism and Easter

14.02.13 Races decision is sad news for the Coast



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