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Update: October 2016

Major infrastructure projects set to invigorate Caloundra's centre 

The Bulcock Street Streetscape Master Plan includes a streetscape design that builds on the existing character of Bulcock Street and make sure it remains a safe and enjoyable place for visitors and locals. The upgrade enhances the look and experience of the area, improves safety and access, and provides a new drawcard which maintains and builds a sustainable economy for Caloundra.

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Update : 2 February 2016CBD information night

A large crowd of CBD business representatives and stakeholders gathered at The Events Centre, Caloundra on February 1, for an update on the activities of the CBD Project that are transforming the CBD and ensuring its future as a key activity centre in the Sunshine Coast region.

Under the Chamber's wing, Darrin Collins has been in the CBD Curator role and working on the ground engaging with traders and encouraging working together. Some of the actions discussed included establishing a marketing and promotions committee, to establish brand values for the CBD, funding options for future marketing and promotions.  Darrin was pleased to announce a new initiative for business development with highly acclaimed business and retail expert, Martin Grunstein, locked in to deliver two workshops in Caloundra on Feb 29 and Mar 1. (Book here)

Other speakers  provided an update on the Taskforce activities and three year planning, the Master Plan development and timeline and the initial data from the foot traffic sensors installed in key CBD locations.  Another presentation shown keen interest by the crowd was the update on the Bulcock St. street scaping project rolling into its third stage of major renewal work starting next month and continuing through to November before Christmas holidays this year. That project team are now on the ground finalising arrangements to start and leasing Bulcock Street premises for a drop in project information centre.  The new works will include an innovative shade solution, smart city lighting and technology, new landscaping,  public seating, art and other footpath improvements.

Michael Shadforth, President of the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce summed up the evening with a call to action to all local traders and businesses.  “We have created a perfect storm. So many great minds are working on the future prosperity of Caloundra and the ground work is being done. It’s time for everyone to roll up their sleeves now and get your business in good order to ride the wave of Caloundra and its future.  We can become the talking point of the Sunshine Coast and beyond”.

Download the CBD Curator PDF presentation here

Downloand the Caloundra Sensor Report here

Update : June 2015 Caloundra CBD Revitalisation Project

In 2014 Sunshine Coast Council, at the request of the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce, commissioned research on opportunities for economic revitalisation in the Caloundra Central Business District (CBD).

As part of this research, Pracsys, a national consulting firm, engaged with Caloundra residents, commercial and investment property owners, and traders as well as visitors and potential visitors to the area. They also drew on their expert understanding of economics and town centre renewal programs to determine their recommendations for economic revitalisation.  

The final report is available to download and read here: 

Caloundra CBD Report

Appendix 1 - Caloundra Economic Revitalisation Study

Appendix 2 - Activity Centre Performance Assessment

Appendix 3 - Caloundra Consultation Results

Caloundra CBD Revitalisation Project - Taskforce

The revitalisation of Caloundra's Central Business District is in excellent hands. Twelve of the town's sharpest minds will combine their skills and experience on the newly appointed Caloundra CBD Taskforce.

The Taskforce has been formed to begin the process of revitalising the Caloundra CBD according to the recommendations of the Caloundra Economic Revitalisation Study Research and Recommendations Report (2014).

The role of the Taskforce is to:

  • Guide the implementation of the 12 priority recommendations in the Pracsys Caloundra Economic Revitalisation Study Research and Recommendations Report
  • Provide input to the development of a master plan for the Caloundra CBD by Council
  • Identify actions and implementation strategies that will enhance the main street's point of difference and appeal as a shopping, business and investment destination
  • Develop a three-year plan containing actions that can be implemented and will guide how measurable change towards the vision for the area will be achieved
  • Guide performance monitoring and reporting on revitalisation indicators for the CBD
  • Establish a strategy for future funding that is endorsed by the business community and commercial property owners.

 The twelve positions on the Taskforce include Councillor Tim Dwyer and two representatives from the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce.

The other nine positions were allocated to members of the local business community who are suitably qualified to drive economic revitalisation outcomes, innovation and leadership unity in the Caloundra CBD.

The selection process for the taskforce was undertaken by council in collaboration with the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce. Selection criteria included nominees' involvement in the Caloundra CBD business community; type and number of secondary interests and roles with the Caloundra CBD and other roles within relevant associations and groups.


Cr Tim Dwyer           

Division 2 Councillor


Michael Shadforth

President, Caloundra Chamber of Commerce

Tim Hamilton          

Director, CPS Global, located in Caloundra CBD

Phil Smith                 

Architect and Urban Designer

Nicholas Stevens       

Lecturer and Researcher, Regional and Urban Planning, University of the Sunshine Coast

Jimmi Bradbury         

Director, Better Half Australia Pty Ltd and Publisher, Coffee News

Carrie Macfarlane    

Owner, Caloundra Newsagency

Hamish Pressland     

General Manager, Development, Henzells

Geoff Lyons              

Principal, Geoff Lyons Solicitors

Carmel Crouch       

Managing Director, Steps Group Australia

Caloundra CBD Revitalisation Project - CBD Curator

Terese Finegan

Mobile:  0477 550 054
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